DS106 in the Making

I’m sure most of you who will read this probably never made a DS106 assignment before, but regardless of if you did or not, I want to give you a little insight into what that experience could be like.

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a Wendy’s Triple Baconator on my blog.

The desire to eat the burger came to me gradually after looking at it over and over again. The thought that maybe others would also enjoy staring at its delicious melted cheese, crispy bacon, and superb greasiness made me feel obligated to share it in a post.  In almost no time at all, my post was being discussed and was suggested to be made into a DS106 assignment of some kind by my professor. So with a little encouragement, I decided to go ahead and make Patty Pioneers.

The process was fairly simple once I completed my image for Patty Pioneers. All I had to do was go on the site, log in, click on the new assignment link, fill out all the information required, upload my picture and voila! A new assignment was born!

If I had to give advice on this, I’d definitely recommend spending a little time on what you call your new DS106 creation. Names do matter! The name for my assignment was chosen because I felt it was kind of catchy. Even if you have an incredibly awesome idea, nobody will want to click on the link to get to it if the name isn’t equally as awesome, right?

All in all, making this DS106 assignment has been quite rewarding for me, as I get to see an idea spawned by my completely random food post evolve before my eyes. Having a bunch of people wanting to do your assignment is pretty cool in its own right as well!

Creativity is something that everyone has, so don’t waste it! Try making something new today!


2 responses to “DS106 in the Making

  1. It was pretty exciting to see the sudden burst of activity with the new Patty Pioneers assignment you submitted. Picking a catchy title does probably play an important role. I hope many others follow your example.

    I love the final line of your post, “Try making something new today.” Those are words to live by.

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