Pinocchio Paradox

What you see above is my latest creation for the DS106 Album Cover assignment. The Band’s name, Pinocchio Paradox, is seemingly a hardcore heavy metal music band that is rectifying the music scene with its new crazy style. Here are a list of the songs on their first CD “Life’s Not the Movies.”

1. The Reveler of Lies
2. Get sawed
3. Geppetto’s Wail
4. Angel’s Requiem
5. In the belly of the whale
6. Endless fire
7. Wooden Cage
8. Finally Real

To make this picture, I simply assembled the necessary information.

The quote was originally: “Some relationships start with fights… But, usually only in romantic comedies. Life’s not the movies.” Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005

The picture and article name were both very easy to get from Flickr and Wikipedia after simply copying the hyperlink from the assignment into my address bar. and then neatly compiled it together in photoshop. The link for the original source of my photo can be found here and the Wikipedia page entry can be found here as well. Possibly the hardest part of this assignment was choosing the band name and whether or not to alter the image for greater effect. I felt that since I was going for a more hardcore look, my random picture’s landscape was quite well suited for it. I hope you agree. Also, I capitalized the letters in the album cover to kind of say “I no I rox”, or in other words, “I know I rock”. I thought maybe that this would enhance the bands integrity.

Let me know what you think below!


2 responses to “Pinocchio Paradox

  1. I keep getting stunned by how the album covers submitted for this assignment really could work. The three elements you came up come together so perfectly in this.

    My only complaint, and it’s really not your problem, is that the image has the copyright license. That’s the one that was given to you according to the instructions. I’ve not read the photographer’s copyright license, but I imagine it would not allow for derivative works like this.

    Were it me, I’d have bent the assignment rules a bit and gone for the nearest one with a CC license.

    Good work.

    • Thanks for the comment, I’ll try to keep the copyright license in mind next time as well. It was really hard finding a picture that you could download on there in the third picture column, let alone find one that wasn’t copyrighted.

      I’m kind of glad I did this assignment, because I got to look at tons of random pictures. Actually, I wasn’t aware there was a such a feature like that on the website, either.

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