Your Nex-Burger

As one of my main topics of discussion, food, or in particular hamburgers, is evolving as rapidly as technology is. Decades back, we had the introduction of GM crops, or Genetically Modified crops. In more recent developments, scientists have even been able to create burgers in the lab out of things like fecal matter and stem cells.
A recent article in BBC got me thinking about food again, after it mentioned that scientists reached a breakthrough point with creating meat from stem cells in the lab. The article itself mentions that making meat this way is indeed the most energy efficient. As it takes 100g of vegetable protein to produce 15g of animal protein giving current meat production levels only a 15% efficiency rate. In the lab grown method, however, efficiency is increased to 50% and is a more eco-friendly way of meeting the food production needs for the earth’s ever growing population.
The downside to this method at the moment is that there really is no way of mass producing the meat right now. The fact that each burger costs around $200,000 dollars to make definitely puts a hamper on early sales as well.
I’ve been meaning to pose this question to my general(ly forced) readers, so let me not waste any more time in doing so.

Would you eat any type of meat that is grown purely “in the lab”? Where do you draw the line regarding food? Are you already an “organic only” person? Or are you the type that if it tastes good, it’s okay?

You can answer the questions if you want, or just let me know what you think of this whole meat growing business in general or anything you want to say.

Thanks for reading! ^_^


6 responses to “Your Nex-Burger

  1. What articles are your source on this new type of burger?
    Personally, I prefer organic food because it tastes better and is more filling than most mass produced foods. I’m not sure if it’s a mind trick, but I often find than organically grown produce and meat happens to taste better, and have smaller servings because the food is probably more nutrient dense.
    I would object to eating food grown from fecal matter or stem cells because I really think tampering with nature in that way results will definitely have repercussions in the future.

  2. This post was publsihed 3 times, just by the way~
    I am not sure if I would eat Lab-grown meat, I dont like the hygene inisde slaughter houses, but totally artificial kid of freaks me out too.

    • The hygiene in the slaughter houses is relatively good, depending on where you’re looking at of course. If you have read “The Jungle” (by someone famous), then you’ll know what I mean!

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Actually “the Jungle” by Upton Sinclair is a examination of the meatpacking industry in the 1900’s Pre-Mcdonalds and since then the abuse and danger has skyrocketed. With the use of chemical cleaners and the changes in a Cow’s internal chemistry (with the use of Ammonia) to prevent Ecoli from spreading has been not only detrimental to a Cow’s health but also to the people killing them.

        Actually in Sinclair’s book he also describes the dangerous conditions for the workers (who are immigrants) although in his book Chicago unionizes the workers and they are paid very well in the end, but keep in mind this is the 1900’s. Unfortunately in the industry now that is not the case. I recommend you watch Food Inc. Also for one of the required reading classes you will have to read the equivalent book, so it may be helpful to get a head start!

  3. Ahh yeah, sorry about that. I’ll have to delete ’em later.

    I know how you feel about the meat, though. I’m not sure how I feel about eating something grown in a petri dish either. I guess if it tastes good and doesn’t harm you, I won’t have any problems with it in the end.

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