Classic Double

Classic Double

This is the Classic Double from Freshness Burger. I must insist you buy this as soon as you can and savor its melodic taste as its juices harmonize within your mouth creating a symphony of happiness.


Get it.


One Reason Why I Miss America


In Photograph: The Triple Baconator sandwich I ordered and ate! Mmm…I’m getting hungry just looking at it!

The title says it all I think. This is Wendy’s Triple Baconator Sandwich. Tastes like awesome and filled with an equal amount of artery clogging fat. How much is that exactly? Check out the link to their main website to find out!

Wendy’s nutritional statistics for their menu items!

Well, I may post here later the nutritional statistics taken directly from their website for the double Baconator. I can’t find any for the triple since they might have taken it off their menu because it was too high in fat.

Anyway, despite not being the healthiest sandwich in the world, perhaps the most unhealthy one instead, I still recommend trying it! For those of us in Japan, there’s no need to worry about not being able to find a Wendy’s here. If my memory serves me correctly, they will be opening up their chain again here in the coming year! So, as the French say:

Bon App├ętit!