Final Exam Practical Activity

no surrender

Photo Credit: “no surrender” by Cdrummbks. Licensed through Creative Commons.

Greetings to the Intergalactic Board of Education,

Today, on Friday, April 13 in the year 20XX, I hereby make a petition to the honorable Intergalactic Board of Education in regards to the continuation of CIS 0835. Certainly, as a recent student of CIS 0835, I have the necessary experience required in order to determine the value of the class education wise. Therefore, I would like to officially say that, without a doubt, this class was a real learning experience. It has tested me not only to think about the required coursework but also challenged my thinking by forcing me to consider the future of education as well.

The coursework itself consisted of a variety of blogging activities and thought exercises. More importantly, however, was the use of blogging in conjunction with a new form of online, dare I say, class. This class, called DS106, is what I learned to be a remarkable tool for innovation and learning, as it hosts a wide variety of user created challenges to be met with one’s own creative genius and thought. There have been many assignments in which I was propelled to go beyond just the required scope of what was asked of me and ended up creating something that I was not only proud of but also wanting to share with the rest of the online community. DS106 is definitely a type of learning that will be expanded on in the future as technology is unendingly integrated more deeply into our lives. Prepare yourselves, International Board of Education, if you fail to see the importance of learning such innovative learning approaches.

That brings me to my next point, sharing, one of the other important, yet seemingly basic, topics covered throughout the course. Sharing is, indeed, something that should be given the proper attention it deserves. As I have learned, the future of education will depend on its online availability to others, particularly the less fortunate or those who cannot access school in the traditional method (which is currently a large majority of the world’s population) through the internet. Again, it is prevalent that steps are taken to ensure that this method of teaching’s popularity increases and other more innovative thoughts are spread about the future of education. One of the easiest ways you, the Intergalactic Board of Education, can help this righteous cause is by not only allowing the continuance of this class but instead encouraging its enrollment. There are, sadly, few other courses in which I have felt this way about, so careful consideration of the future of CIS 0835 may lead to an unsavory outcome.

Moreover, if careful consideration about the perpetuation of this class does not happen, I am afraid the future light of education, not only at this school, looks increasingly dim.

Please do not surrender our future of education.

Thank you for your time,

~ Arc


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