Midterm Activity


"That's the last straw!"

I’d like to say out of all the creative common photos shared for this assignment, that Brian’s photo, “That’s the last straw!”, was indeed one of the more interesting ones. I like the idea of drinking wine with a straw. Sadly, for those of us in college, perhaps this isn’t TOO strange of a way to drink wine.

If you do anything repeatedly enough, it becomes the norm right?

Before I suddenly end this post, I’d like to give a quick thanks to Brian Metcalfe for having put this photo in the creative commons to use. It’s very appreciated indeed, as this picture is needed for my midterm!

Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit: “That’s the last straw!” by Brian Metcalfe. Licensed through Creative Commons.


One response to “Midterm Activity

  1. Hi … My apologies for not acknowledging your earlier thanks for the sharing of my photo with Creative Commons attributes. I have been away to a wedding “down south” and just returned to the DS106 action!

    I trust that your mid-term challenges were successful and that you are now engaged in creating audio and video digital stories.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

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