Feeling a little twittery, I’ve decided to go ahead and do the Phun with Phake Tweets DS106 assignment. It involves a couple simple steps. Coming straight from the DS106 assignment page, all you have to do is “Use the Twister tool from ClassTools to generate a series of images representing the voices of past figures if they could express themselves in twitter. Notch it up, and recast a historical event with a new plot line, and notch it up again, but making it a back and forth between two figures (use @person!) – my example is not developed as a fanfic, but should give you an idea of what to do (okay, okay, I will do a real assignment, sigh).”

So for my spin on things, I chose to do a conversation with some well known historical figures, Socrates and Plato. The fake conversation I made between them concerns the trial that Socrates went through that eventually condemned him to death. Plato, a disciple of Socrates, is the person who we have to thank for putting most of that account in written record. If you guys aren’t that familiar with the either Socrates or Plato, I do advise reading up on them to at least familiarize yourself with some of our most beloved ancient philosophers. So just click the links below to see what I wrote!

What I wrote is definitely historically accurate.






I hope you enjoyed that tweet on history! Did you notice how Socrates and Plato look shockingly similar? Must of been that ol’ Greek Physique! Ahaha…

Feel free to leave any comments below! Thanks!


Whatever humans can do…

…computers can do it better!


産業界では2年後に第1弾を迎える消費税増税に戦々恐々としている。 =That we fear in the industry and we welcome war to the consumption tax hike in two years after the first bullet.

Eh…maybe not.

For this DS106 assignment, “Google Translate Fail”, one must “find something in a foreign language and use Google Translate and laugh about how awful it is.” Oh, and while you’re at it, “if its a language you know, give an explanation of what it should be and list possible reasons it got messed up.” For this assignment, I chose to translate something from Japanese to English. The results, as you have seen, are, remarkable (kind of, at least).

For my line, I took it from a news page after typing in 戦 々恐々in Google search.

First, in regards to why the explanation is “messed up”, is because Google translate does not have the ability to understand the complex nuances of the language. Taken from a video (produced by Google presumably) found on the blog entitled Google Operating System, “these computers use a process called ‘statistical machine translation’ — which is just a fancy way to say that our computers generate translations based on patterns found in large amounts of text.” That means that there is really is no true “understanding” of a language to a computer. Translating comes down to, in simple terms, numbers or statistical correlations. So, in terms of quality, the translations are usually more wrong than correct. In terms of speed, however, it is certainly much faster.

So while Google translate isn’t the greatest in terms of quality, the speed it is able to translate at is incredible and will no doubt have us coming back to it again and again regardless of the lack of quality.

Part III: Infection

This next DS106 assignment, The Role Playing Game, was probably the most thought provoking challenge I have done yet. Not only does this assignment test one’s writing skills, it also tests one’s creativity to bring an interesting story to the blogging and DS1o6 community.
I will refrain from going into too much about how I wrote what I wrote, because I don’t believe that stories gain any more meaning that way. I think that, on the contrary, it takes away something from it. In this post, I have listed the previous two parts (in italics) before mine , in order for you, the reader, to have an easier time getting into the story. One of the previous posts was posted by Roundhouse slap, so maybe check out her page, too, and tell her what you thought!

Just so everyone knows, the original entries were not titled with the names “The Beginning: Part I” or “The Beginning: Part II”. I added them to make it easy for you to discern who’s work was who’s and make it look more structured as well.

When you’re done reading, please feel free to leave a comment below. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have, as well! You should try to do it, too, and try to add your own twist to the story!

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!

The Beginning Part I: Exodus

“Joe the clown was not a happy camper this morning. This was evidenced by the fact that he had put four lumps of sugar into his coffee, instead of the regular two. He only ever broke his two-sugars rule on special occasions, so going by that particular string of logic, this was a very special occasion indeed. Nevertheless Joe had little time to sulk, hunched over his kitchen table with remnants of buttered toast still clinging to the sides of his lips. And so it was that with a labored sigh he propped himself up off his seat and began the dreaded walk towards the front door, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a red rubber nose as he did so. He finished fixing the rubber implement on his own nose at about the same moment that his other hand fell on the cold, brass doorknob that led to the outside world. He paused for a moment, just a little longer than what he would usually allow himself (but this was a special occasion, remember). He then took a deep breath, turned the knob and stepped outside into the cold chilly morning air. It was time to have a word with the neighbours who had kept him up all night…”

The Beginning Part II: Victoria Powers

The moment that Joe stepped over the threshold of his apartment, the blinds on his neighbor’s window quickly flicked shut. “He’s bound to head over here to complain.” Victoria assured herself as she tugged her black leather gloves so they fit ever more snugly upon her fingertips. Her eyes flicked from the window down to the floor, where the motionless figures of the home’s actual inhabitants were sprawled.  She had only precious little time before the effects of the drugs wore off. She stepped gracefully but purposefully over their slumbering bodies as she moved on to the task at hand.

She quietly traversed the room until she was poised behind the front door. Reaching into the pocket of her coat she withdrew a rather large syringe, filled halfway with an opaque yellow liquid. She was both delicate and determined as she removed the cap and flicked the tip of the half-inch needle with the back of her gloved fingertips. A little pressure on the end of the syringe with her thumb forced a single droplet of liquid out of its tip. It was at this moment she heard Joe’s steps come to a halt on the other side door. The edges of her lips tugged upwards into a satisfied smirk.

In one swift motion the door swung open, and before the clown could react they were pressed up against one another. A passer-by could have mistaken this as an embrace from afar; Victoria, much shorter than Joe, looked like she had rushed into the arms of her lover. However, hidden betwixt their mashed up bodies her hand held and empty syringe, its needle buried deep into the clown’s chest. She wrapped her free arm around his back as his form slumped lifelessly onto hers, and dragged him into the home as the door shut behind them.”

Part III: Infection

The house, of late Victorian style, was quite bare on the inside. Contrary to the incredibly well maintained, lavish exterior of the house, the interior was surprisingly dull and bare. The first floor was quite open, partially exposing all the rooms except for the kitchen, which was, from the entrance of the house, completely obscured from sight. Immediately upon entering, one was first greeted with the sight of an ancient winding staircase that led up to the higher floors. Once inside, Victoria, with an unexpected strength, carried the limp, twitching clown up the stairs. As they ascended, the heavy door to the entrance slowly closed behind them.

After reaching the second floor, Victoria casually strode into the room directly in front of the stair case. Contradictory to the rest of the house, this large, spacious room was quite cluttered.  Like stacks of paper, several bodies in piles of two littered the floor. Apparently accustomed to the sight, she proceeded to walk over to a single, lonesome looking creature and began to place the body of the unlucky performer she held, on top of it, in a most particular manner. After examining her seemingly dead captives on the floor, she became slightly irritated. Victoria, always in complete control of the situation, was deeply bothered by the scene before her. Something was wrong, but luckily she knew just what it was and how to fix it.

Slowly but surely she began to make her way back over to Joe the Clown. As the elegant figure reached the near lifeless lumps of flesh, she gracefully stretched her arm forward and plucked off Joe’s bright-red nose piece. After fingering it in her hand for just a moment, she tossed it callously into the far left corner of the room.

The visage of Joe the Clown without his signature cherry-colored snout, seemingly lifeless on the floor, pleased her greatly. Ready to move on to the next phase of her plan, she quickly exited the room just as she entered. Curious as one may be, to peer into her thoughts now, one would find the truth to this grisly reality.

The thought of several potential hosts for her “children” is what really made her shiver with joy. The yellow liquid injected into the chests of the victims, now coursing through their bodies, contained a single egg of a being that was not from this world. Unknown to the human incubators covering the floor, her terrifying plan was already underway with chance of little interference. Victoria’s curly, auburn hair bounced gently off her soft, supple cheeks as she further admired her victims, relishing the fate that she has brought them.

Cartoon Me

Yup, for those of you who are familiar with what I look like, that’s me alright.

Quite a striking visage, don’t you think?

Thanks to the help of one my good, yet wishes to remain anonymous, friends I was able to get myself drawn in a very anime-like way. For this DS106 assignment, Cartoon You, one was tasked with transforming one’s self into a cartoon character through the use of drawing and photo manipulation to obtain the desired cartoon like effects.

I’m not sure if my photo is exactly like the typical American cartoon, instead, it has the more definite Japanese anime style to it. To complete this assignment, all I did was take a photo of the picture that was drawn, uploaded the picture and opened it in Photoshop, did some cropping, and applied various filters and changed the lighting of photo until I got what I liked.

We were also encouraged in the original post to write a comic-like story to go with our picture if we are able to think of one, but, sadly, I cannot think of anything dramatic enough to go with this picture (that doesn’t have to deal with a floating head).

So, let me know what you think of this cartoon me in the comments below. All your replies and comments are much appreciated. If you have any questions regarding photoshop, I can try to help you out with that as well.

Until next time!

Living Freely

For my next DS106 assignment, Design the Cover of Your Autobiography, I chose to work with my own photograph (taken in Yokohama), as an autobiography is something of a personal matter, fiction or not.

This picture may seem quite spartan, however, the subtle meaning it has beat out other images in my collection that had much more action going on inside them. While I feel my life has been quite exciting since I came to Japan, I hoped that by gazing on this photo you get the sense of freedom that I have felt in my life, in contrast to a photograph of something that I had actually done.

You may be asking: Why is that? Wouldn’t it be more interesting the other way around?

Words and pictures are very similar, so it is necessary that in order to transmit the concept and feeling that I have in my mind to you, the reader, it is important that my picture is something that everyone who sees it can relate too. How many times can you recall looking up into the sky seeing birds pass above you?

I’m sure many of you can think of at least a couple instances where that has happened. Do you remember any thoughts or feelings of wanting to fly away, to be free like those birds you saw passing overhead into the horizon?

Again, I can almost positively say that everyone at some point in their life wanted to defy gravity, to fly away from the earth, to be unrestricted by borders or boundaries.

This picture, I hope, can help transmit that feeling of freedom more than anything. The text, as you may notice, is merely supplemental in getting you, the viewer of the image, to think towards that end.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my picture of what my autobiography cover would look like.

Please feel free to comment below and tell me what you think! I’d love to know if you ever dreamed of flying away to somewhere new before, as well!

Thank you!

Pinocchio Paradox

What you see above is my latest creation for the DS106 Album Cover assignment. The Band’s name, Pinocchio Paradox, is seemingly a hardcore heavy metal music band that is rectifying the music scene with its new crazy style. Here are a list of the songs on their first CD “Life’s Not the Movies.”

1. The Reveler of Lies
2. Get sawed
3. Geppetto’s Wail
4. Angel’s Requiem
5. In the belly of the whale
6. Endless fire
7. Wooden Cage
8. Finally Real

To make this picture, I simply assembled the necessary information.

The quote was originally: “Some relationships start with fights… But, usually only in romantic comedies. Life’s not the movies.” Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005

The picture and article name were both very easy to get from Flickr and Wikipedia after simply copying the hyperlink from the assignment into my address bar. and then neatly compiled it together in photoshop. The link for the original source of my photo can be found here and the Wikipedia page entry can be found here as well. Possibly the hardest part of this assignment was choosing the band name and whether or not to alter the image for greater effect. I felt that since I was going for a more hardcore look, my random picture’s landscape was quite well suited for it. I hope you agree. Also, I capitalized the letters in the album cover to kind of say “I no I rox”, or in other words, “I know I rock”. I thought maybe that this would enhance the bands integrity.

Let me know what you think below!

You got trolled! Thrice!

You got trolled! Thrice!

There you have it! A triple troll picture, so to speak. Let me give you the run down on why I fashioned the picture in the way that I did. First, I chose three people who were close related through their work on or relating to a machine called the Difference Engine, conceptualized in the 1800’s. From top to bottom, they are: Charles Babbage (Name on the quote), Vannevar Bush (who the quote really came from), and Augusta Ada Lovelace (in portrait). I felt that the picture should be Ada Lovelace for a number of reasons, but I felt that since she shared the same time frame as Babbage, not to mention worked with him, she should be the one to be pictured saying the quote. Speaking of quotes, I chose that particular one because it was taken from the future mouth of Vannevar Bush, in a time where building Charles Babbage’s brainchild was quite possible. When considering that Babbage wanted nothing more than to see his invention successfully completed, it makes it quite ironic. Coupled with the fact that Lovelace is quoted as saying the line makes it even more so.

Some of you may not be familiar with what a Difference Engine is, so let me give you the definition taken from Wikipedia to save you some time searching. That is:

“A difference engine is an automatic, mechanical calculator designed to tabulate polynomial functions. The name derives from the method of divided differences, a way to interpolate or tabulate functions by using a small set of polynomial coefficients. Both logarithmic and trigonometric functions, functions commonly used by both navigators and scientists, can be approximated by polynomials, so a difference engine can compute many useful sets of numbers.”

In a really simple sense, this just means it does simple mathematical calculations. At the time, however, it was so incredibly advanced that Babbage, the machine’s intellectual creator, would never get to produce a real working machine during his lifetime due to the insufficient advances made in engineering.

How was Ada Lovelace related with all of this? Well, to keep things in the most basic terms, she was Babbage’s colleague in his pursuit to make his dream machine a reality. Sadly, she too did not live long enough to see a working model of the difference engine, having died even earlier than Babbage despite being younger. This incredible conceptual breakthrough was too important to forget about, however, as Vannevar Bush, a 20th century scientist, took this idea and pushed it even further into the developmental stage. Finally bringing the world at the time, one step closer to an analogue computer.

I hope everyone enjoyed that! Let me know what you think!

Here is the link back to to the assignment!